Friday, 6 April 2018

We dont want freedom.
We want our own way.
Freedom is the compromise.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Recycled shit and will

There is a spectrum of materialism vs idealism.
The extreme materialist is a money grubber, a power grubber, a man with little or no purpose or goal. He approaches life like an accountant, knowing the price of things but not the value.
The extreme idealist views life purely in abstract or conceptual terms and typically sneers at the more earthy parts. They hold the meat parts of life at arms length with disgust. Meat is something less.
Both are anti-life, both are broken and reject parts of reality. Both are incomplete.
To see only meat is to miss the point but to see only ideals is to miss reality.
Meat, piss, shit and blood are inseparable from love, duty, truth, will. They exist in the same world and are part of the same Natural Law/existence/reality/truth. Our body isn't just a inconvenient meat suit that our soul wears until we are dead. Neither is it just a meat automaton.
Until we see our meat as something wholesome instead of something to be held at arms length or endured we are as bad as the worst sort of materialist.
You know who isn't ok with his meat? Bruce Jenner. The fucking lunatic is at odds with his biological truth, his meat. We can easily recognise him as insane because of this and yet i see a lot of people sneering at meat and the parts of existence that are made of it. Like its less important or inconvenient. If your world view cant handle getting dirt on it, if it cant tolerate being made out of meat, is somehow reduced by it or is in opposition to it then you are delusional and wrong because you struggle against reality in a similar way to the most deranged tranny.
The materialism/idealism of a man: Universal Logos, his peoples Logos, his own logos. Whole.
The distinction between meat and concepts is irrelevant.
Meat and soul together.
Recycled shit and will.
They're made out of meat

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Dont Die Easy

Q: What animates life?
A: Will.

   Will to procreate and raise offspring.
   Will to hunt, gather, farm.
   Will to fight and struggle, overcome, strive.
   All the process of life arise from will.
   All life is the embodiment of will in the end. Differing wills yes, often in competition. But will is what animates it all. Our genes are moulded by will for ultimately what powers evolution but the contending wills of living creatures to fight, procreate and survive?
   Simple, instinctual, honest will untroubled by conscience or regret.
   Our cultures, ethnicity, nations are all dependent on and are manifestations of will or its lack and the will of the competition.
   We are literally will made manifest, physically and mentally, personally and nationally and the condition we allow ourselves to persist in as a result of our own choices is a direct reflection of our inner nature and the state of that will.
   Where will is lacking life grows stale and withers.
   Consider our lives. How different would they be if we had but the will?
We have more 'stuff' and 'things' than any sane man could ever want and not only does it leave us hollow, we do nothing with it and we still want more. We have withered. We have made ourselves domesticated animals. Like cows our highest goal is to find the best patch of juicy grass and be left alone to chew.

Q: What is the difference between a domesticated animal and a wild one 
A: Struggle.

   Compare the two, domestic and wild and understand what makes one so blunt and the other so sharp and why i don't need to tell you which is which. Where does the vigour, the LIFE! that we sense in wild creatures come from and why do so few of us have it?
   Its simple, honest suffering and ordeal as a part of the struggle of life that demands solutions and stimulates the will.
   Fear, pain and desperate struggle put the fire in the eyes of life. Its our painful birth right.
   A man worthy of life is never more alive, focused and full of will as when he thinks he is about to die.
   Isn't this the best joke of the universe?
   Instead of cursing our predicament curse the timid cows we have become that brought us to this.
   Lets play along instead of just looking for a better field to graze in.
   Lets grasp the firebrand of LIFE! while we can, without flinching and hit something with it!
   Lets join the struggle instead of running from it.
   Lets take up our will as a weapon against all softness and complaint.
   Lets sink our teeth into life and hear it squeal while we still have life in us.
   If suffering and struggle are the price we pay for living lets make it worth it.
   Its not like we wont die anyway, what are we waiting for? We have the will.
   Consider our lives. How much of it has been wasted carrying the dead weight of timid fear and greedy comfort? What good has it done us?
   The purpose of life isn't to escape struggle and death its to burn with will untill the end.

   Ordeal, suffering, struggle, will, life. 
This is the truth and the way and to die easy is to blaspheme against life.
"I don't mind paying the price but, by God, I demand the price be worth paying!"
            James mason, Siege, 2.23.

"He is not fit for battle, who has never experienced humiliation. He who has seen his blood flow, has heard his teeth crunch in combat, has stumbled under the full weight of his enemy . . . and often fallen, learns to rise up more stubbornly, and joins a fight with great confidence."
            Roger of Hoveden.

To be clear, I'm not some great paragon of limitless will. I'm not a 'great soul' or even very impressive. No one will ever make a statue to me. I will never be celebrated or remembered. When i die it will be as if i never was. I write this to remind myself as much as share these thoughts with you in the hope that it will have some good effect on us all. Don't die easy.

Monday, 19 March 2018


A used up wrinkly old disease riddled slut, dressed like a whore with its makeup running, needle marks in its arms and kebab grease down its front. Stinking of drink and slurring its speech as it tries to convince everyone its the attractive 19 year old it used to be so long ago that no one remembers. Being held hostage by a morbidly obese lunatic on a mobility scooter with a rainbow dildo up its ass. Crying, unkempt beard, reeking of smeg, naked but for a cut off 't' shirt that's stretched to tearing point with "boi toi"  written on it in crayon. Shoving shit into its mouth with one hand while holding the old slut at gunpoint because "Its mommy!" and it knows that its the only thing that stands between it and extermination. Placing all its hope on the assumption that we care more about the life of a cum dumpster than sanity.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Permissiveness and liberalism

The underlying motivations of liberalism are not inherently wrong. Compassion, empathy and the inclination to respect peoples personal choice is quite decent and the urge to create a society that reflects this has a sort of nobility to it.
   These simple drives can function fairly well in a more basic setting in which Natural Law imposes itself directly on us because they are limited by circumstances. The daily struggle for survival that Natural Law demands teaches us the importance of nation, the value of family and the ability to work and sacrifice for something greater than ourselves. We learn that violence is natural and what can happen when we loose. The more extreme degenerates would typically get weeded out either by the community or by their own inability to function. The basic drives that liberalism depends on are tempered by these realities, they are kept in proportion.
   Our basic drives evolved to fit an ecology governed by Natural Law that balanced them and curbed their excesses allowing us to function in a natural and fundamentally healthy way in spite of, or because of, the struggles involved. But we no longer live in an ecology governed directly by Natural Law. Through our cleverness we have developed ways to mitigate or avoid some of the limitations and struggles that are our birthright and we have combined this with super-abundance and hyper-stimulation. The result is grossly exaggerated instinctual drives with little immediate limiting factors in the short term:
   Grotesque parodies of compassion, empathy and self hate masquerading as morality.
   Obesity and physical weakness resulting from idleness and profligacy.
  Sexual perversion of every sort via pornography and promiscuity enabled by mass media, medicine and the deliberate destruction of the family and its function.
   Ignorance, selfishness, cowardice and arrogance in the guise of individualism.
   Mothers proudly murdering their own children in the womb and calling it their choice.
   The underlying motivations that gives rise to liberalism and permissiveness can exist within a hard setting because their excesses are curbed by reality. But they cease to function properly when placed in a softer and superficially more lenient setting.
   Liberalism and permissiveness fail because they have no internal coherence or structure allowing them to function without the direct imposition of Natural Law.  Like an amputated limb they are an impulse without a setting.
   Liberalist of one type or another will bleat their insipid "don't tread on me's!" and "Golden Rule's" as long as the boot of uncompromising Natural Law, the structure of reality itself, is held off their necks by better men than themselves. But in a world where the Fox MUST kill to survive and the Rabbit MUST run to live a little longer the 'golden Rule' is absurd, delusional and doomed.
   What could be more ridiculous than liberalism in a world of violent struggle and hard reality? What imbecile or madman could belive it? I did and i find that fact shame full and barely comprehensible now.
There are two solutions to the problem of instinct in the absence of immediately applied Natural Law:

   1. The 'Amish' Solution: Regress our technology to the point where Natural Law can more directly and immediately impose itself on us so that our drives assume their normal roles once more in the absence of hyper stimulation, super abundance and ease. Liberal drives revert to a simple respect for personal boundaries and common decency within a cohesive community that is bound together by need, shared values and race. This is effectively a lobotomy, it requires that we deny the full scope of what it means to be at least a semi-sentient part of existence. It means to deliberately learn nothing. It means growing potatoes instead of exploring the universe.

   2. The Will Solution: Act with discipline and a practical understanding of Natural Law to deliberately curb our excesses. To act in accordance with Natural Law as an act of will and choice not just because we are powerless to do anything else. To recognise that Natural Law isn't just the basic structure of reality but that its structure IS virtue and to live by it is the only true morality. This allows us to view life honestly and go to the stars as a whole, sane people.

It means to live and build our nations based on these truths:
   The morality of sentiment (liberalism) is the morality of a victim.
   The morality of might is the morality of a rapist.
   The morality of strength is the morality of nature. Anything less is betrayal, delusion and death.
   Every civilisation that progresses far enough encounters the problem of what to do when let of the leash of Natural Law for a time. Every civilisation that has proceeded us so far has failed this test and died one way or another.
   Will we be the first to pass the test and become an embodiment of Natural Law instead of just a glorified ape on its way to extinction?
   Liberalism and permissiveness were doomed from the start but without experiencing their siren call and seeing the horrific results how would we know?

"Liberalism is moral syphilis" J.Bowden.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Hatred and Weakness

There are non whites that make us hate them and there are non whites that make us weak.
The ones that make us weak are by far the more dangerous, thay make us collaborate with our own death.
In this picture the child is the most lethal

Saturday, 3 February 2018

A hard truth

Statement: Don't tread on me.
Reply: There is in all life theft and murder.